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Winter 2019/20

Lucilla Trapazzo


Things overlap and words 
books arteries the muscles on my back 
your eyes - peppermint and honey 
the hours (one and another, one hundred 
and seventy three thousand). 
They crumble. Down
pouring on my face. Down 
sliding in the cracks. And further down
they stand - still                                                                                                                      
on a limb a breast on the index finger                                                                                 
(the one of solitary lovers)
sometimes instead they linger on a lip 
- padlock without a code. 
And I stay. 
I wait and weigh and count the items 
the holes the tattoos
unraveling from the chaos
Oh, the yearnings for a golden leaf 
a brush a stroke a savior hand 
(be blessed the wonder of the flawed!) 
It’s here it’s now the ever ending change
the dancing of the life.


Lucilla Trapazzo was born in Cassino, It and lives between Zurich and NY.  She studied German literature in Italy at “La Sapienza” University and got a MA in Film & Video at the “American University” of Washington, D.C.  Recipient of a number of prizes and publications in International anthologies, she has worked with three cultural associations in Italy (TiconZero, Cagliari, experimental electroacustic and collateral languages; ARS Cultural Movement, Rome, visual art; Tracce nel vento, Palermo, literature and publishing). Recent books include Ossidiana (Volturnia Edizioni, Isernia, 18), “Dei Piccoli Mondi” (Il Leggio Edizioni, Chioggia, Venezia. 19) and Trentagiorni  (Il Sextante, Roma 19).



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