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Winter 2019/20

Odilia Galván Rodríguez


she’s broken
from all that
wandering wonder
how her closed eyes
have wanted to be
wide open to the world
that bleeds blood-black
flows of all kinds
drying up and catching
rides on ravens wings
or on the air itself
its wings invisible
giant as the sky
of two arms stretched
as wide as they can
to signify how
much love is possible
no matter how
we’ve been  hurt
it is part of the risk
of loving
isn’t it
you open wide
let all your walls crumble
for a chance at love
not just romantic
love that heals
a world broken
open too
from always giving
always taking
a chance
of family
to be part
of a pack
it feels good
those moments
of real personhood
of making family
there are ancient sacred rites
to take people into yours
that’s how important it is
to be open
to whatever
that uncertain
gathering of hearts
will bring.


Odilia Galván Rodríguez, poet, writer, editor, activist, and publisher, is the author of seven volumes of poetry. Her latest book, from FlowerSong Books, is The Color of Light ~ Poems to the Mexica and Orisha Energies, 2019.


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