Summer 2004


Summer 2004

Bill Costley

We can either do this the easy way -- I quote one whole poem -- or the hard way -- I quote bits of each of the poems in the book. You choose. Ah, you have chosen wisely, grasshoppers, you have chosen both ways. First, one poem. Note: If you’re suffering inklings of immortality, suffer no more. Mankh has lifted up the Veil of Time for you, and seen himself, seeing his grandpop, seeing him, dimensionally folded-in:


even the dead
sometimes walk the autumn sunlit streets

why just the other day,
two days past my fourty-fourth birthday

I saw my grandfather ---
our quick exchange of eye-glances

But who was I to him?
the living man who

looking like my grandfather

non-plussing time and space
with that delicate mustache

and early autumn leaves
too sparse to notice

yet noticing,
like the dead, living

taking momentary shape
between the sidewalk cracks

Now: some corroborating bits from other poems:

Though many years my elder
She understands when I say
I’m nearly forty-four years-old and gay.

- From “Though many Years” (for Jeanette.)

before another closet-door stays shut
before another child gets lost in the thick-dark of night
before another bomb gets made and paid from your tax-dollars.

-from “Yet & Before”

They think the gods and goddesses
have turned their backs,
given them full license to deceive, distort, corrupt.

- from “Corpoliticos”

Grasshoppers, I hope you’re getting out of mankh what I see is plainly there; Sincerity, Depth, Breadth. Mankh writes that he’s a student of the Kaballah, a poet, an essayist, calligrapher, and writing instructor. You should all be getting that already. He’s not hiding it, so much as using it. For your benefit & mine. Pay attention. I am, so you should, too. No quiz, of course; this is no test; Life is the test. -- Bill Costley (

Mankh (Walter E. Harris III): A NET FOR THE MOON (23 poems) Allbook Books, P O Box 14331, Hauppauge N.Y, 11788-0416, AllbookBooks@pafcu.net2004; 28pp, 5.5”x8.5” USD$5/$6 by mail 1.5”x1.75” color photo of author on back cover by Hard Work Press, Inc. Dedication: for Joseph.



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