Summer 2004


Summer 2004

Jean Tardieu
tr Julia Murkin

If I could write I wouldn't be able to draw
If I had a glass of water I would freeze it and keep it under glass
If someone gave me a pat of butter i would melt it like bronze
If I had 3 hands I wouldn't know how to hold my head
If feathers took flight if the snow melted if glances disappeared
I would put lead in their wings
If I walked in a straight line, instead of going round the globe
I would go as far as Sirius and beyond
If I ate too many potatoes I would make them sprout on my corpse
If I went out through the door I would come back in through the window
If I swallowed a sabre I would ask for a great bowl of red wine
If I had a fistful of nails I would drive them into my left hand with
my right hand and vice versa
If I left without coming back, I would soon lose sight of myself.




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