Summer 2005


Summer 2005


No one knows one's neighbor's hidden heart -
plenitudes of grief,
cascades of joy
Each by each
we breathe our calendars,
tumble our days,
our moments,
into years

Nature devours itself,
though nothing is lost.
Herbivore and carnivore
eat their fill.
The omnicycle maintains balance -
inscrutible design,
profligate the plan.
Everything has value
sustaining every thing.
Even the mayfly supplies sustenance,
sacrificial its offerings
in its brevity.

How meditation
resolves enigma.
How love, to bloom,
must give itself
How time reminds us
we are temporary,
microsecond flashes
in transitory time.
How mind tranforms
notation into music.
How body performs
to mind's direction.
How nothing compares
to dawnsong melody.
How the ancient adage
is ever true:
The answer to why
is because.

How the unknowable
must be god.
How the final lesson
is humility.

for the Pablo Neruda Celebration, 6/12/04, Blackbird Books, Nashua NH



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