Summer 2005


Summer 2005


There are these American flags waving in a breeze,
maybe from a battleship; a blue sky with smoky
clouds; a sea that laps things, and rocks them more or less
gently. Where am I? There was a hurricane through here
yesterday but not today. It will not be the worst
storm this season, which is still young. Why do I not
feel young and rejoice in the sky and sea and flag
of my country? Where am I? Sitting by this word
processor reading a poem by Bukowski
addressed to Li Po. My cat walks in at the exact
same time and line Bukowski's cat walks in. Only
my cat's eyes are green, not yellow. Bukowski
pours a glass of 'beautiful red' wine to Li Po.
I raise my can of bitter beer to Bukowski.
Thereby concluding this inconclusive poem.


The trail was arduous, but usually rising
which we thought was generally good,
often falling into funny ruts and crevices
and very unpleasant wet or gaseous spots;
but we dutifully, sometimes joyfully, followed it
hand in hand as it mostly rose and now we see
that it ends shortly ahead of us at a bleak promontory
which we will probably be approaching at night too
weary and terrified and committed not to stumble past.


Donald Lev has been writing and publishing poetry since 1958. His thirteenth collection, YESTERDAY'S NEWS (Outloudbooks, 2002) is obliquely about the WTC tragedy. He publishes/edits the literary tabloid HOME PLANET NEWS, which he and his late wife Enid Dame founded in 1979.


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