Summer 2005


Summer 2005


Motion makes a tree.
The bee in my wine
jumps to the branch,
leaps, perhaps, faith.

Centripetal limbs curling.
The pine needles did pirouettes.

Six flowers fell,
kissed the ground,
and proceeded to get
too old to move.

Francis Raven is editorial assistant at the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. A first novel, Inverted Curvatures, will be published this fall by Spuyten Duyvil. Chapbooks "Notestalk" and "Notationing" were published by Broken Boulder Press and a novella "Journey Writ Large" was published as a chapbook by Anabasis Press. Sonnets, written in collaboration with Jeff Bacon, were published as an electronic chapbook by Beard of Bees. Raven's poems have been published in Mudlark, Conundrum, Untitled, Pindeldyboz, Big Bridge, Le Petite Zine, and Can We Have Our Ball Back? Essays and articles of mine have been published in Jacket, Clamor, In These Times, The Fulcrum Annual, Rain Taxi, Sauce, and Pavement Saw.


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