Fall 2010

FALL 2010
Molly Peacock

The Tale Of Y

Ben Myers


Pat Daneman

Strange Women

Bill Costley My Polish-speaking uncle
Jocelyn Page


Jean Holloway

Oppenheimer's Mare

Mark Thalman


Lyn Lifshin When I Was No Longer My Leather Jacket
Karen Neuberg Summoning Stones: Instructions and Narrations
Meg Smith Grand Bazaar
Keith S. Wilson How Like A Potato
George Spencer After Reading Brecht’s Galileo
Claudia Serea What I See From My Bedroom Window
Dan Richman Palm Trees Of Dolores Street
Edward Field Haiti
Robert Peake Traction
Barbara Hoffman Yellow
Michelle Bitting  Open In Case Of
Diane Frank Floating Redwoods In The Early Morning
Jonathan Harris

Motel 6

Wanda Coleman

Perhaps By Then
Terese Svoboda I Just Wanted To Let You Know
Janine Pommy Vega  Your Voice in the Morning
(for Peter Orlovsky)
Juan Gelman Two poems, translated by Hardie St Martin

The Pleasures Of Food In Poetry
Making Connections Through Poetry, with Mark Doty
Henry Clapp And The Making Of Walt Whitman
Ann Charters On Whitman And The Beats
On Drifting With Hudson, by Richard Cooperman



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