Rab Wilson


                  (Fir Andy Forster)

Oan a snell nicht in Dumfries, in a cauld theatre,
these journeymen tak the stage.
Hoary as aiks, gnarlt as hawthorns,
grey-heidit, bald, they wear
their years wi easy grace.

Songs equally timeless;
stories, ballads, jigs an reels,
that aa at aince soar
wi the majesty o aigils,
else coorie doun
gentle as an eiderdown nest.

The ghaist o Sandy Denny walks amang us,
an we are aa transportit,
tae thon loosome place that music taks us –
sae richt that they shuid sing that sang agane.

Simon tells us o the bell they cast,
that tolls in some heich tower o Banbury,
bearin their nem an faur kent fame
doun throu singin time tae come.
A rousin finale o ‘Matty Groves,
these sons o Albion tak their leave.

Andy, Margaret, Hugh and I,
daunder hame alang the Saunds,
tae the skinklin starns accompaniment;
bi the frosty Nith, still as a photograph.
Somewhaur, faur aff,
we hear a vyce ring clear.


RAB WILSON IS ONE OF SCOTLANDíS LEADING Scots Language poets. He writes much of his work in Lallans (Lowland) Scots and has been a previous recipient of the McCash Poetry Prize for writing in Scots. He was until recently the 'Robert Burns Writing Fellow' for Dumfries and Galloway. His work appears in many of Scotland's leading literary and poetry magazines.



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