FALL 2007


FALL 2007

Caroline Carver


Rex said that if I cut myself in half
(straight down the middle:
heart to one side
cracked ribs to the other)
I wouldn’t look anything like the pictures
because they don’t show feelings;

he said my heart was more
like the roundy bit
at the bottom of the pendulum
in the science museum
the one that moves
as the earth rotates

said my ribs were
two matched birdcages
one full of sweet-singing
robins and blackbirds
the other with only my parrot in it
head to one side
reproaching me
for being away so long

Rex, I said
I’m not a bird
I can’t hop around on one leg
or manage with only one arm
and what about only half a brain?

You’ll have to work that one out with the parrot
he said

CAROLINE CARVER was brought up in the West Indies, spent much of her adult life in Canada, and now lives in Cornwall, UK, almost a country in its own right. She won the 1998 National Poetry Competition, UK, and has since won or placed in many other competitions. She has published two collections, JIGHARZI AN ME (Jamaican dialect) and BONE-FISHING. What nationality she feels when she wakes in the mornings depends mostly on weather.





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