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Fall/Winter 2017

Brian Daldorph


“Men do the stupidest things when they want love,” Joni says. 
“They are so stupid, right, Caroline?”
Joni starts telling me the stupid things men have done to be close to her:
Mike invited her to go to Panama with him,
Marcus said he’d take her on a Caribbean cruise,
Scott wanted to fly her to the Albert Hall, “Because
you like classical music as much as I do.” 
She’s had offers to clean her carpets for free and one guy said
he’d fix her car if she’d come out to lunch with him.
“Stupid, stupid men,
don’t they understand that we don’t really want them?”

Joni’s so pretty and girlish, wears white blouses and floral skirts.
I’m “big-boned,” as my mother says,
and my cruel classmates in Junior High called me “horse mouth.”

I guess I’ve had a few stupid men around me too, asking about Joni:
Has she got a boyfriend?  Will I give her a message?

Sweet little Joni who makes men stupid then tells her friends
like me how stupid, stupid men are, and laughs so prettily.

Brian Daldorph, Ph.D., teaches creative writing at the University of Kansas and the Douglas County Jail. He is the editor of the literary journal, Coal City Review. His most recent books of poetry are From the Inside Out: Sonnets and Jail Time.



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