Winter 2005



Steve Dalachinsky
(for ira cohen)

deaf fingers spell your name
reminding us of death war love
untidiness age & agelessness
freaks & walking
walking beneath the
moon as it mingles w/the
stuls & flames & coming
i place a stone on my head
& dream that i am dead
& paying homage to my / self
i experience night as if it were a
flickering beard of light
invented by blind men in a storm
i am demolished by pain & crowd
& my balls have no personality --
dad gabs
( funanambulably ) while tip toeing on a tightrope
a dream i have awake about death always
about death scratching @ my thighs
like a bored cat
spool unspun a net of dnicts a copy/cat
scrawler throwing his loneliness @ the sky
& all remaining the stone on my head
& my head struggling to become the
mo on
& between back & forth we become un-
i am empty yet so
of my/
filled w/chattering
si ………………………………..lence
& shattered prisms
all containing distances & tangled rain-
brief thinking my hand to my mouth & the night
a pile of cinders & deceased lang
uage & lapened pupp(i)e(t)s.
hot flash:
the world is becoming endless
hot flash: black is the color of the fractured light
hotflash: time is the music of armies
h ot f lash > a shivering # erects itself on his chest
broken sleeveless
24 + 42 + 2+2 +4+4 +4+2 +2+4 plus @+$=
hot flash -- the wind is a gypsy that thinks it is a mirror
FLASH /// * i am stained so much you would think I was wearing a suit
flesh; i am rusted & undone
Oh sweet GACIHC
hot flash?
i wait
a waiter
weightless w/heavy
gone in copia
burying the emblems
become a headstone -
yet you remain sockless.
brooklyn ny @ zebulon 9/25/04

Steve Dalachinsky: "born in brooklyn after the last big war has survived many little wars. surving one right now. barely. his books and cds include, trial &error in paris, pollock & dean and incomplete directions. forthcoming are the chapbooks, trustfund babies, st.lucie: eyes on a plate & in glorious black & white. his work appears widely in journals on & off line and he has read his work all over the globe (well almost anyway)."



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