Winter 2005



Herschel Silverman
for & in memory of Harvey Breit

1/20/57 N.Y. Times Book Review Section
To dream out loud is a silent fantasy
Things said by someone unseen on a radio panel
A memory broadcast from Peyton Place
Burroughs bouncing the future in Morocco
A lavendar novaball off the wall
An obscenity-wail echoes naked in a tarantula's hall
Bob Dylan with guitar sound beginning to broadcast
E. Village news begins changing times
This is the biggest imaginable Ginsberg said
He took credit for going naked
He bucked the fugging static literature
It was hysterical cum muni k shun
He howled obscenities thru world timewarp
Truth was shoved into the world cant
It was a cold McCarthy-Eisenhower winter
But Spring came again

Herschel Silverman is a contributor to scores of literary magazines, including Long Shot, Talisman, Blue Beat Jacket, Connections, Butcher Block and The Home Planet News. He has been a New Jersey Council on the Arts Fellow in Poetry, and anthologized in a number of publications, including The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. His book Liftoff: New and Selected Poems, 1961-2001, was published by Water Row in 2002.



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