Winter 2006-7

Donald Lev


A saga of gay cowboys
is just not my cup of tea.
OK I enjoy Will and Grace,
have one or two gay friends
am a true Blue Stater;
I know of all the honored precedents,
Tonto and the Lone Ranger,
Red Ryder and Little Beaver,
Achilles and Patroclos,
David and Jonathan;
but I wouldn't have bothered seeing it
if it wasn't the only flick showing
I hadn't seen already.
And it went on and on, all those
wide open spaces covered on
horseback; and I mostly sympathized
with the wives -- they were so clueless.
But then came the scene
where the one guy embraces the clothes
of his dead friend. And I got it.

Donald Lev has been writing and publishing poetry since 1958. This poem is from his collection, ADVENTURES AT THE UPSTATE: POEMS ON FILMS. He publishes/edits the literary tabloid HOME PLANET NEWS, which he and his late wife Enid Dame founded in 1979.



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