Winter 2006-7

Felicia Zamora


on wind made of feathers religion undulates
transference from warrior to son shaman to dust            vestige of time in a face
            orifices coruscate, acumen         acumen lost in crowds forgetting
atoms erupt membranes erupt quadrupeds erupt humans erupt soap
plumed serpent born pitted against cattle theft against gluttony against adultery
yesterday’s sins             tomorrow’s primetime programming
belief in the Toltec   coddled                   amongst the pyramids, masked
shapes scissor the light               pounded volcanic tuft in the city at dawn
earth pounded life pounded breath pounded circles of heritage      a place of worship         rubble
civilization cast out the Sun’s and Warriors’ revenge         to wander east wander home
in blazes, aortic ash floats to reign, canvassed
by morning and bids hydrogen-helium conglomerates                   to early sleep
imposters feed legacy drips       earthly predecessor gallants
entourages to their knees           with stalks of corn and Choc-mool                     
a calf’s head slab, bones still crackling in fire                   a thousand years crackling
in absence still waiting   peoples bloat                 spilling over
worship molds to chant molds to hushed voices molds to legend
earth dries in Sun’s nourishment             roots shallow in concrete
on the eastern side, Tula’s stone army shadows the western horizons of skyscrapers,
homeless puddles, and tarnished AK-47 shells                 inside out homogeneity

in the reeds,      Tollán whispers            

Felicia Zamora is an academic advisor in the College of Business at Colorado State University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a minor in English from Iowa State University in 2001



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