Fall/Winter 2016

Alifair Skebe


If I could say to -just-
the least of you, less not me
tranquil spotting
he said high maintenance
he said
kinda like art
a paint set
acrylics—we are known by our actions.
someday, homage pretends itself lovely
on the wall
I am noticing the orange
and brown feather into each
other—a native cameo
and the green you left—
indigo is the color of the night rain in light on the windowpane,
it was so silly all the missing colors in your moonbeams
I counted the days
and the sidewalk walked as you
walked messages to the earthworms library garden
I heard they took out the ferns for a café where no one can drink,
the skylight always amazed
and your paper shoes
on the night by the roots
wrapt Southern whiskey
and beer nonsense to the
to the
dedication preface
nonce claims didactic
for love it all came

Alifair Skebe is a poet, visual artist, and professor of writing. She is author of two books entitled “El Agua Es la Sangre de la Tierra”/water is the blood of the earth (written in English), (Finishing Line Press 2008) and Love Letters: Les Cartes Postales (Basilisk Press 2004). She holds a Ph.D. in modern and contemporary American poetry from the University at Albany and an M.A. in poetry from the University of North Texas.



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