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Winter 2019/20


Gustavo Vega

(six haiku)

                            Tr Carlota Caulfield

Already bleeding
The sun gets up
In the morning

To look at the quietude

Of the wood. To go down

To the abyss.

Distant shore.
Her body remained tangled in
My thoughts.

Where some winds
Catch up to other winds
A fish pierced the moon.

The moon caws
From the raven’s
Sharp branch.

The snow looks at the moon.
The moon looks at the snow.
White dialogue.


Ya sangrando
El sol se levanta
En la mañana.

Mirar la quietud
De la madera. Abocarse
Al abismo.

Lejana orilla.
Quedó enredado su cuerpo en
Mis pensamientos.-

Donde unos vientos
Alcanzan a otros vientos,
Un pez atravesó la luna.

Grazna la luna
Desde la afilada rama
Del cuervo.

La nieve mira la luna.
La luna mira la nieve.
Diálogo en blanco.

Gustavo Vega was born in León, Spain, in 1948, is Doctor in Spanish Philology from the University of Barcelona, and is one of the main practitioners of visual poetry in Spain. He specializes in theoretical investigation, pedagogy and creative activity in three fields: philosophy, poetry and the plastic arts. He is the author of a number of collections including Habitando Transparencias (Inhabiting Transparencies, 1982) El Placer de ser (The Pleasure of Being, 1997), Prólogo para un Silencio (Prologue for a Silence, 2001), La Frontera del Infinito (The Border of the Infinite, 2005), and many folios of visual and interdisciplinary poetry. He is founder of and directs the group Ex.Tensión Fonética and the Laboratorio de Investigaciones Poético-Fonéticas (Laboratory for Poetic-Phonetic Investigation), which has presented many recitals in the Catalonian region.


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