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Winter 2019/20


Belfjore Qose

         Tr Redi Sheqeri

The ears fill up with the sound of waves,
The mouths are a shore full of iodine and seaweed,
The skin of our days is penetrated by water,
The heart is an ocean pumping dreams.
On the clear blue capillaries of streams,
Between you and me,
A star falls over a lonely boat on the shore.
Between time and place,
The fish is still ordered to throw itself in the disciples’ nets.
Between a day and eternity,
Between things, there is a fabled land,
Where kisses engulf the sunsets in flames.
The senses get overfilled,
Nothing is distinguishable anymore,
Nothing has a name anymore
Except the Sea.

Asgjë nuk ka më emër
Veshët janë mbushur me zhurma dallgësh,
Gojët janë breg me jod e leshterikë,
Lëkura e ditëve tona depërtohet nga uji,
Zemra është një oqean që pompon ëndrra.
Nëpër kapilarët e kaltër prej rrymash,
Midis meje dhe teje,
Një yll bie mbi varkën e vetme në breg.
Midis kohërave dhe vendeve,
Peshqit ende urdhërohen të bien në rrjeta dishepujsh.
Midis një dite dhe përjetësisë,
Midis gjërave, është një tokë e përralltë,
Ku perëndimet përflaken nga puthjet,
Shqisat tejngopen,
nuk dallohet më asgjë.
Asgjë nuk ka më emër,
Përveç detit.


Belfjore Qose (Zifla), is a doctor in literary studies and teaches at the University of Tirana. She is a founding member of the Albanian Young Academy, at the Albanian Academy of Science. Her first poetry book “Aurat a natës” (Auras of the night, Ombra GVG Editions, 2017) was awarded a prize for young authors by the Ministry of Culture of Albania, and voted by readers as the best Poetry Book at the Bukinist Literary Platform.


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