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Winter 2019/20

Samantha Kitsch


In motels, bars, airports, the same
songs: the eternal “Run Around
Sue,” inevitably followed by “Another
One Bites The Dust.” A voice
at the table behind him
coughs indecipherable curses:
So why have you come here
if you’re not here anyway?
And if you’re here, why aren’t you?
Fluttering, a bat drops from a beam
and almost lands in his glass.
If you’re not here,
who’s the one that is?
The stewardess passes and licks him on the cheek.

Samantha Kitsch is the pen name of a NY-based poet who was born in Poland and writes in Polish. Samantha has published seven books of poems in Poland, including the latest "konfiskata konfetti", as well as numerous poems in major Polish literary magazines. 


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