Winter 2005-6

Valery Oisteanu The Art Of Catching A Boat
Bob Holman You Can Have My Husband
(But Please Don't Mess with My Man)
Michelle Moore Magdalene in Miami
Joan Poulson The Ceanthus Bush That Is Really A Tree
Joseph Bruchac Directions
Nathan Brown Renovations at the Santuario De Guadaloupe
Rochelle Ratner Die
Edward Byrne Painted Fields
Stephen M Danos Creepers, Smokers, and Cell Phones
Phibby Venable Seer Chief
Chris Bullock Cultivated and Fed
Susan Terris Phenomenology of the Curve
Howard Camner Playing Drums On The Fontenelle
Linda Graham Now Boarding
Helen Peterson On Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Goat’s Horn with Red”
Lee Rossi Masculine, Summer, Wet
Amy Soricelli (7/2002)
Patti Tana The Pond On Kaintuck Lane
Michael Baron The Day-Dream Tree
Jennie Hair Charles Hench
Howard Good The Concierge Of Hell
Ray Freed Etiquette
Lenore Weiss CellPhone Poem 7
Victoria Field Treen
George Wallace 3 poems by Francis Jamme
Laurel Blossom Rendered Poetry: On Taxi Dancing: Poems by Paul Pines
Justin Kibbe The Face: A Novella In Verse by David St John
John Dorsey Too Much Me: Poems by David Barker
Mankh Unfolding the Map: New York Poems by DH Melhem
James O'Donnell The Absent Self: On More Of Me Disappears by John Amen
George Wallace News from the Volcano: On the Poetry of John Hoffman
George Wallace Cornish Mystic: Celebrating Robert Hawker, "The Mad Vicar"
Geraldine Green A Gardener of Poets: The Passing of Dr Robert Woof
Jason Kibbe The Poem Becomes The Other: On The Poetry of Jane Ransom

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