WINTER 2003-4
Tracey Erin Finnerty Passing The Regents
Alexandre L Amprimoz Culture Of Revenge I
Culture Of Revenge II
Carol Hamilton Elsewhere
James A Collins Beautiful Hands
Karyna McGlynn
The Forty-Two Pound Squash
He Is Very Sick
Jesse and the Deer
Karyna McGlynn The Last Time Emmett Modeled Nude
Night Blooming Cereus
Antler Doting on Dust Motes
Robyn Lazarus song
John Taggart Pastorelle 11
Bertha Rogers Sleep Sonnet
Roberta Kowald In The Museum Of Glass
Cary Griffith The Naturalist
Arresting Turtles
Levi Asher Name the Hours
Susan Marie LaVallee One Hell of a Note
Jeannette Clough Raga 2
Chuck Levenstein Turning Sixty-Five
Jane Taylor The Young Cello Player
Sherry Ballou Hansen A Cab To Stonehenge
Rob Plath Sitting Drunk Banging On The Piano
Carol Hamilton O'Keeffe In Black And White
Susan Terris Old Girl Dreams Of Artemis
Peter Layton In A Canyon
Rock Depths
Phibby Venable Raggedy Ann On Edge
David Axelrod It's A Happy Man
Alan Semerdjian A Christmas Dream Of Tennessee - An Essay
Edgar Allen Poe In New York
An All Nighter With Homer's Iliad
The Dreiers, Family Of A Black Mountain Founder
When Djuna Barnes Lived In Huntington
Monterey "Beat Museum" Goes On The Road




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