Fall/Winter 2016

Fall/Winter 2016
Jared Smith

Rising Each Day

Anthony C Murphy

To Know Oneís Place

Daniel Dissinger


Ed Coletti The Conscious Instant
Naomi Shihab Nye

Sheep By The Sea, A Painting By Rosa Bonheur (1869)

Ron Padgett

The Palace Of Wisdom

Hettie Jones

The Driver

Jane Moss-Luffrum Black Beans
Francine Witte

The Mouths Of Babes

Nick Pemberton

Border City

Nina Sokol Two Dreams
Kitty Jospe


Catherine Ayres


Nathalie Handal

Geometric Blues

Lyn Lifshin

Marauders Coming Out Of The Desolate Tibetan Plateau
Blues Bix

Alifair Skebe Do Not Remember Me/ As Disaster
Joe Millar Ronnie
Joe Weil Green Bottle
Martin Willitts Jr This Is What We Cannot See
Caroline Carver Down To The Wire
Monique Antonette Lewis Youíre Cursed
Holly Day

The Mummy

John Amen

Hallelujah Anima, 6

Lynne Thompson

My Life According To Linda Gregerson
My Life According To Carl Phillips
My Life According To Quincy Troupe
My Life According To Octavio Paz

OKLAHOMA 2016: Special Section

Edited by Guest Editor Benjamin Myers, Oklahoma Poet Laureate



Jane Vincent Taylor

Et Cum Spiritu Tuo
The Changing Map
Therapy Sessions

Dorothy Alexander

Beekeeping for Beginners
Message to the First Woman President
For the Young Parents of my Youth

Carl Sennhenn

Loss and Marienbad

Sandra Soli

For the Fathers
Sunday in the Wichitas
Forecast: High Winds, Freezing Rain

Francine Ringold

Bearded Slave
ďThat in Orvieto Once. . .Ē

LeAnne Howe and Dean Rader

Letters from Oklahoma

Jessica Isaacs

It Don’t Matter Much
Falls Creek

Grant Jenkins and Timothy Bradford

Every Europe

Robin Bradford and Timothy Bradford

Half Brother’s Postcard from India

Timothy Bradford

How Can We Discern Polka, Much Less Love?

Ken Hada

When I was a Heron
In Darkness

Quraysh Ali Lansana

seven years

Ron Wallace

A Game of Catch
Bring Me a Thunder Storm

Chad Reynolds

Erasure Suite Made from Songs Sung at a Universalist Church on Earth Day

Brent Newsom

Approaching Middle Age
Scar Tissue
Garden, Late Summer

Nathan Brown

Red-Nosed Denial
Hard Labor

Jeanetta Calhoun Mish

Horse Girl
What Iíve Stolen, What Iíve Earned


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