Fall 2009

FALL 2009
George Moore

Spanish for Tourists

Grace Cavalieri

Daddy Long Legs

Joseph Stanton

The Killers

Doug Holder Kitsch
Nick Johnson

Between Trains

Brian Patten

There Is A Boat Down On The Quay

Sam Hamill


Marc Weidershein


Joseph Bruchac If I do nothing
John Repp Blueberry (Or Another Summer Of 1975 Poem)
Lynn Lifshin Dream Of The Pink And Black Lace, Just Like The Evening Gown
Caroline Carver I Never Made It As A Hooker
Mario Petrucci what happens between
Robert Lima Snow Geese
Michelle Bitting Abrams Just Like That
Felicia Zamora Craft
Naomi Feigelson Chase Five More Deaths by Dreams
Linda Pastan Rain
Patty Seyburn

Systematic cognitive withdrawal from the environment

George Kalamaras

The Solitude Of Our Most Whole
Nick Carbó Today It Is Overcast And Horizontal
Susan Terris Chimera Cure For A Misplaced Heart
ML Liebler I Am the Brown Earth Buried
Virgil Suarez Elvis In Tallahassee
James Ragan The Icicle
Robert Peake Thinking of Winter in Polite Company
Floyd Salas Color Of My Living Heart
Polly Atkin Frogs
Eileen Pun Here is something you don’t know
Daniele Gioseffi Crocodiles And Star Deaths
Barry Wallenstein Semantics
Rosalind Brackenbury Portuguese Man O'War
Dorianne Laux To Kiss Frank
Ellen Bass I Always Wanted
Edward Field The Deal
Alice Notley 'Plus' City
Brenda Coultas fr The Tatters
Gale Acuff Comic Romance
Joseph Millar Skin
Veronica Golos Voices
Dan Bellm Shanghai, 10 p.m.
Joan Poulson Morning In September
Tryfon Tolides Tonight on the Walk to the Kroger Supermarket
Amy Hess Country
Martin Tucker A Next-door Neighbor Overhears His Neighbor At An Artists Colony
Donovan Leitch The Drifter
Michael Henson Jemez New Mexico
Elizabeth Swados Misunderstanding
Kim Stafford Teaching Poetry, A Few Words
and featuring
Mikhail Horowitz Three Poems
Pierre Joris Three Poems
Norbert Krapf Four Poems
Penelope Shuttle Three Poems
Tony Quagliano Four Poems
William Heyen Three Poems
Cleopatra Mathis Three Poems
Marvin Bell Two Poems
Robert Bly Rains
The Roof Nail
Mario Petrucci Looking through a Helsinki Window: Robert Creeley; 1926 – 2005
Lin Betancourt Alter Brody: A Poet In The Family
Michael Henson The Poem Creates Community
With Jonathan Cohen In The Land Of Ernesto Cardenal
Nicasius De Sille, A Poet Of Old New Amsterdam
Wallace Stevens And The Mercury Dime
X.J. Kennedy And Walt Whitman
Concerning Walt Whitman's Friend, Horace Traubel


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