Fall 2012

FALL 2012
Allen C Fischer

Sleep Surfer

B Z Niditch

A Day Trader

Bill Wolak     

Sailing To Phoenicia

Susan Terris Memo To The Man Who Gave Me His Mother’s Wedding Ring
Scott Thomas

Michael And The Twelve Bees

Adele Slaughter

Like Wood

Kathryn Jospe

Setting Moon Table

Grace Cavalieri Guardian Of Time
Carol Alexander


Caroline Carver

‘had to be put down … such a nuisance …                  he ate one of the servants’

William Seaton    (untitled)
Joseph Stanton

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Jared Smith   

What We Don’t Talk Of

Carol Hamilton Passing Through
Nick Johnson


Diane Frank          Iowa Omen
Joseph Bruchac The Martial Artist At Seventy
Barbra Nightingale Take This Woman
Lawrence Carradini Oracle at Delphi
Bertha Rogers

Winter Solstice

Meg Smith

Ice Storm

Anne Boileau

Study To Be Quiet

David Salner

For Leonard Peltier

Michelle Bitting


Edward Field

george w. bush’s last will and testament

Peter Sears

Hey Chuck

Philip Kobylarz      

After The Aftermath

Michael McLaughlin Boardwalk
Al Ortolani  

Eliot Ness Pisses On Crime

Vicki Iorio

Michael Dickman, for the First Time

Kat Georges  

Text me if you can

Jane LeCroy A Little Death
Lee Slonimsky

Weather Bush

Jason Ryberg

What “It” Is (Or, What I’m Talkin’ About)

Susan Marie LaVallee  


Jan Ball

Jason and the Silver Fish

Ian Griffiths      

The Paucity Of Poets

Olga Abella   The P-Mate
Dwight Thompson

The Narcissist

Edward Harsen      Kerning
Edward Harsen Between Pieces
Jonathan Harris Romulus
Jonathan Harris Odette
Jonathan Harris

Driving With Beatrice


Natalie Katsou

Lilith III

Jadwiga Grabarz

A Bowler Hat Poem

Daniel Pels

Je Faisais un Rêve Affreux (I Was Having a Horrible Dream)

Daniel Pels

Au Bord de la Mer (By the Seashore)

Daniel Pels

Qu’est-ce Qu’ils Diront (What Will They Say)

Daniel Pels

Une Procession du Temps (Time Procession)

Rab Wilson       

Fairport Convention at the Theatre Royal, Dumfries


Daniela Gioseffi

On Philip Appleman’s Perfidious Proverbs

Dan Levin

On David Jones’ “In Parenthesis

Pramila Venkatesawaran

On Duane Esposito’s “Declaration”

Robert Lima

William Carlos Williams: The Loss of Words


Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

‘Pinky,’ 5x7” mixed media, 2011



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