Fall 2007

FALL 2007
Olga Abella

A Different Place

Tom Kryss

Colored Glass Fragments

Lynn Strongin

With What Is The Old Pole's Room Furnished?

Tryfon Tolides My Father Is At A Kind Of Bus Station
Fred Ferraris

Garage Sale

Lucy Lepchani

Grandma Has Sewn Thunder

Marina Rubin


Massimo Sannelli


Caroline Carver Two Of Us
Penny Shuttle Lover Who Never Was
Carol Hamilton Early Women Photographers:
Three Of The Best Were Rich
M.A. Schaffner The World Of The Powhatans
Diane Frank By A Farm House In Corvallis
John A Kay Aubade
Alex Galper The Tiger
John Amen From Tibet
Stephen Murray Modern Dream
Lenore Weiss For Yair Dalal
Courtney Campbell Perfect Charity
Marcia L. Hurlow

July 31

Robin Shectman Storm Front, Last Quarter
Frederick Zydek In the Snow Forest
Jean Lehrman On Skiathos
Tatiana Zima Omnia Mea Mecum Porto
Philip Ruthen Coty Capote
Jean Esteve Oregon Roadside
Patti Tana The Hardware Store

Dimitris Lyacos

Z213: Exit


Jack Foley Louis Zukofsky: A Poet Worth Fighting For
George Wallace Out from the Shadow Of Lady Liberty:
Emma Lazarus Inducted Into Poets' Corner
George Wallace Isaac McClellan: America's 19th Century
William Heyen

Stryk: Awakening               

Richard Bronson

Chopin's Piano, by Charles Fishman               

David Axelrod

The Elephant's Child: New & Selected Poems,
by Steve Orlen               



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