Summer 2004


Summer 2004

William Heyen Spring Poem Roethke Saginaw 2002
Susan Terris

Color of Summer/Wait of Winter
Old Girl Considers Life Without Rapture

Ruth Daigon To The Woman Who Left Her Old Age To
Someone Older Than She Will Ever Be
A.D. Winans

North Beach Yuppie Bar
Dining Out When I Was Young

Daniel J Langton Arizona
Chris Crittenden
Leo of the Rose
Arlene Tribbia The Two
Dan Richman Ponce De Leon - The Movie
Lauri Ramey Blended Space: Absence With Drums
Aleksey Dayen
Tamara Jenkinson Will we free the world to think perfectly?
Jennifer Firestone Bliss
Kenneth Pobo

Doorknob Emperor
Three Planetary Wishes

Esther Altshul Helfgott Daughters Of Dementia
Martin Stannard
Her Clothes
Barbara Nightingale Life Imitates Art
Amanda J Bradley Her Quilt
Geraldine Green Ninian, who was Artatte, the Mordaunt One,
A man who came from far off Eastern Lands
Non Ifans The Game
Steve Dalachinsky Library
Donald Lev Dissatisfaction
Jeanetta L Calhoun Mapping Desire
Wayne Latheris Largesse
Rochelle Ratner Four Poems
Alicia Ostriker
Jean Tardieu In The Conditional, tr Julia Murkin
Bill Costley Mankh: A Net For The Moon
Leah Caracappa Mario Petrucci: Heavy Water
Robert Plath: Ashtrays And Bulls
April Albrechtsen Jack Foley: Greatest Hits

A Bell Buried Deep, by Veronica Golos
Marc Weidershein
Remembering Cal Lowell
Daniela Gioseffi An Interview With D. Nurske


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