Summer 2005


Summer 2005

Mario Petrucci

Hard School

Charles Johnson Looking For My Name
Ray Freed Tropical
Tom Lavazzi The Break
Simon Pettet
Poem(The Ripest Of Blackberries)
Poem (Those angels which do not know their father)
Gil Allen Lunch At The Park
Susan Terris Painted Rooms
Daniela Gioseffi Old Aphrodite Rises From Her Porcelain Tub
Lyn Lifshin Venice Daphne Run Backwards
Donald Lev
A Poem For Immortal & Mortal Winos & Beerlushes In Hurricane Season
The Trail
Francis Raven Walking Past Your Tree
John Dorsey
he reminds me of kirby doyle
poem for lucien carr
Esther Altshul Helfgott From a Boy on a Dream Bed
Maurice Oliver Or Merely Vague Terrain
S.R. Lavin
Stanley Turrentine Plays His Horn (1976)
Nowhere/No One
Robert McDermott Jazz, Art And Death
Jose Luis Peixoto
Dear Mother
My September
Susan Pilewski

Paul Pines
Blues For Dick and Jane
Joseph Bruchac
Looking Out The Window at the Green Mountains on Jack Kerouac's Birthday at Dawn
Doc Cote Appearances
Meg Smith My Antarctica
Manav Sachdeva Quartos XXIX-XXVI, Sufi's Garland
Jack Foley Neeli Cherkovski, Leaning Against Time
Adriana DiGennaro
Vanishing Point, by Carol Hamilton
Your Pill, by Amy Ouzoonian
George Wallace Look Up Beyond Windsloped Hawthorne: 8 Cornwall Poets On CD
Geraldine Green Liverpool Poetry: Still Raising The Dust
David Axelrod Every Insomniac Has A Story To Tell, by Patrick Bizzard
Jason Rawn Time, Matter And Thalia Field
Jack Foley On Philip Lamantia


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