Winter 2005



Marvin Bell Desire Under The Elms
Diane Wakoski Torch
Nicole Henares Lush
David Lawrence The Mask In The Museum
D H Melhem Artillerymen In The Shower
Carol Hamilton The Geography Of Miracles
Lawrence Carradini Trout Fishing In America, No Really
Nancy Henry Sermon III
Jean Paul Ferro '42 Flathead
Paul Pines The Tin Palace Troll
Peter Lewin Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
John G Hall No Wolf Dares
Jack Foley Nata
Barbara Nightingale Commerce With The Enemy
Deborah Poe what is unsettled between us
Janine Pommy-Vega Cradle Song
Song to the Moon
Andy Clausen Another Day In India
The Old Wobbly's Prayer
Ira Cohen Cornucopion
Wayne Atherton Three Poems
Herschel Silverman Some Lines From A Failed Poem
Hal Sirowitz The Speed of Sound
Steve Dalachinsky Stone Head
Philip Ramp Self-Portrait
Michael Baron Reading The Map Without A Stop
Charles Johnson Six-ish at Newgale
Joan Poulson Smelling of sea-water
Stacey Waite Only
John Amen Vacillations
Geraldine Green Painting
David Axelrod Wicked Times: Selected Poetry Of Aaron Kramer
Johnny Dracut Explore This: Aurora Borealis, by Massimo Maggiari
Leah Caracappa Al Jones and Hart Leroy Bibbs In Paris
and... The Funeral Of O Henry
Woody Guthrie In Coney Island
George Sterling And The San Francisco Bohemians


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