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Winter 2019/20

Winter 2019/20
Josephine Dickinson


Walter Holland

For William Matthews

Marc Frazier


Samantha Kitsch

A Fragment From His Journey

Diane Frank

What The Earth Whispered

Wendy Barker

That Bell for Ethel

Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros

Ode To What My Grandmother Has Forgotten

Nancy Mercado

Unknown Man

Robert Bly

The Acorn

Patricia S Jones

For the Queen of Soul – Aretha Franklin Dead at 75

Tony Policano

Window at Nice

Barbara Southard

Heading For Oregon

Dorothy Friedman August

Carrying The Plants

Scott Hightower

After the Ball

Steve Dalachinsky

These Wild Days

Robert Gibbons

O, Thou Ever Restless Sea, God’s A Half-uttered Mystery

Linda Lerner

Maximum Security

Tanya Ko Hong

Tiki Boy

Siti Ruqaiyah Hashim

News From Strasbourg

Sabahudin Hadzialić

Blues For My Ex-Country Homeland

Odilia Galván Rodríguez

Seeking The Pack

Frederick Pollack

The Most High

Grace Cavalieri


Raymond Philip Asaph

Give A Kid Wings

Bertha K Rogers

Found Volume

Carol Alexander


John Amen

Adventures in Real Estate

Holly Day

Where You Stop

Phibby Venable

Everything Is Holding On To What It Can

Joe Millar

Poem for John

Mel Campo

Love in Times Square

Pierre Joris

Rainy Mapless Day

Lucilla Trapazzo


Joe Weil Still Life With Out Of Work Janitor
John Repp


Kevin Rabas

Jazz Singer



Belfjore Qose

Nothing has a name anymore (tr Redi Sheqeri)

Gustavo Vega

Six Haiku (tr Carlota Caulfield)

Tònia Passola

The Amazonas Opera (tr Anna Crowe)

Poul Linggaard Damgaard

Nobody Takes It All (tr Rikki Kirchheiner)

Pedro Mir

Hurricane Neruda (section 9)
(tr Jonathan Cohen)


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